23 October 2014
More Bridges, Less Fences: Designing for the Transborder Pedestrian Experience

For those who have crossed the borderline, the pedestrian experience is not necessarily the most carefully designed. Crossing points are […]

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2014/06/23 Projects
Beyond the Symbolic

The first time that I heard about Torolab Collaborative was in 2004. Arquine, architecture magazine based in Mexico City was […]

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2014/05/29 People
Public space as an international gateway

The magazine Arquine has focused their annual competition on the border region for the third time: This year the area that […]

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2014/04/28 Culture
Old Mexico lives on

I was approached by several people early this year who know about the Borderless project in regard to this article […]

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2014/04/23 Culture
A New Kind of Silicon Border

I had the opportunity to travel for the first time to Tijuana-San Diego last January. I could not have imagined […]

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2014/04/16 Culture
The border is not a line. It’s a place.

“A 2428-Mile Road Trip Along The Mexico Border: Here is what we saw”. This has been a project that I […]

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Vision of Shared Infrastructure

The New York Times reviews this story of shared infrastructure between San Diego and Tijuana. An airport on one the […]

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2014/01/20 Business
Banking on the Border

In 2012, Lateral Office (Canadian-based design firm founded in 2003) in collaboration with Drylands Institute (non-profit research/education organization based in […]

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2013/11/21 Case studies
The Threshold of the Americas – Competition

Arquine is focusing their annual competition – for the third time- in the US-Mexico border region. The former 2 competitions […]

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2013/11/21 Projects
The Nafta Landscape

Featured in the Landscape Architecture Magazine, July 2011, the The Nafta Landscape by Carolyn Deuschle is a an overview to […]

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2013/10/25 Case studies
The Hyperborder after 8 years

In 2005, the first Hyperborder conference took place in the sister cities of El Paso and Ciudad Juarez. It brought […]

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2013/09/22 Environment
A Northern Periphery: Landscape and Urbanism in Chihuahua

Gabriel Diaz-Montemayor is the author of “A Northern Periphery” published in AULA 6, Architecture and Urbanism in Las Americas, University […]

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2013/09/16 Environment
Call for submissions

Would you like to contribute to the borderless community with your work, ideas, research or vision for the US-Mexican border? […]

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2013/08/31 Case studies
A fence with more beauty and fewer barbs?

The New York Times posted this article back in 2006 about a response from designers to public ongoing debate about the […]

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2013/08/11 Projects
The map as an excuse to research and rethink

Mapping CUU has been a collaborative research exercise with the participation of 12 students from 5 universities and different disciplines […]

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2012/10/15 Case studies
Dead end to Open-ended

I am having a conversation this weekend with Julia Farr. I was very excited to read Julia’s contribution this week […]

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2012/09/23 Data visualization