6 May 2016
Community stations: a field-based classroom approach

The border region is a unique urban laboratory for researchers to engage solution-centered processes that produce new inclusive forms of […]

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2016/03/10 Platforms
New tools, new geographies

Twenty years ago (February, 1996), just a  few years after NAFTA took effect, new border region mapping efforts started being […]

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2016/02/25 Mapping
Flash: a mix of active occupation and public design

Imagination and creativity are proving to be the twenty-first century’s currency. Spaces that have been long perceived as untouchable are […]

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2016/02/16 Projects
Mapeo: A Workshop-Space for Collaboration and Creative Thinking about Cities

Mapeo is a workshop-space for collaboration and creative thinking about cities. Mapeo works with university students from different programs, instructors, […]

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2015/08/05 Mapping
The Border Upstream

The Border Upstream: The Parral Riverfront Park Project The idea of a shared vision for cities within the border region […]

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2014/12/25 Projects
Student Thinking about Steel and Border Crossings

This spring The Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) sponsored by The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) organized the fourteenth annual steel […]

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2014/11/18 Projects
A view on NAFTA/Mexico DF – 20 years after

This summer, Scapegoat Journal launched its issue dedicated to NAFTA/DF collecting over 25 articles from ~35 contributors. In this issue […]

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2014/11/03 Thinkers
More Bridges, Less Fences: Designing for the Transborder Pedestrian Experience

For those who have crossed the borderline, the pedestrian experience is not necessarily the most carefully designed. Crossing points are […]

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2014/06/23 Projects
Beyond the Symbolic

The first time that I heard about Torolab Collaborative was in 2004. Arquine, architecture magazine based in Mexico City was […]

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2014/05/29 People
Public space as an international gateway

The magazine Arquine has focused their annual competition on the border region for the third time: This year the area that […]

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2014/04/28 Culture
Old Mexico lives on

I was approached by several people early this year who know about the Borderless project in regard to this article […]

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2014/04/23 Culture
A New Kind of Silicon Border

I had the opportunity to travel for the first time to Tijuana-San Diego last January. I could not have imagined […]

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2014/04/16 Culture
The border is not a line. It’s a place.

“A 2428-Mile Road Trip Along The Mexico Border: Here is what we saw”. This has been a project that I […]

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Vision of Shared Infrastructure

The New York Times reviews this story of shared infrastructure between San Diego and Tijuana. An airport on one the […]

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2014/01/20 Business
Banking on the Border

In 2012, Lateral Office (Canadian-based design firm founded in 2003) in collaboration with Drylands Institute (non-profit research/education organization based in […]

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2013/11/21 Case studies
The Threshold of the Americas – Competition

Arquine is focusing their annual competition – for the third time- in the US-Mexico border region. The former 2 competitions […]

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2013/11/21 Projects