The map as an excuse to research and rethink

October 15th, 2012

Mapping CUU has been a collaborative research exercise with the participation of 12 students from 5 universities and different disciplines -architecture, regional planning, anthropology-. With support from the Municipal Institute of Planning, the workshop took place in the city of Chihuahua during May of 2012. Four intensive days of research, conversations with guest experts and exchange of information and ideas about water resources and systems, manufacturing industry and economy, mobility and ecology were the core agenda of it.

Critical mapping is an effort to understand in a collaborative way our cities, be both critical and creative about their urbanization challenges, and to learn in the process how to contribute together from our different fields.

Commissioned by Paola D. Aguirre (Master in Architecture of Urban Design by Harvard University) the -part documentary and part montage- film digs the first critical mapping workshop and gazes at the texture, contour, color and contrast of the landscape and the people from the Chihuahuan territory.

Directed by: Óscar Enríquez
Produced by: Paola D. Aguirre
Featuring music by Manuel Valdez

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