Vision of Shared Infrastructure

January 20th, 2014

The New York Times reviews this story of shared infrastructure between San Diego and Tijuana. An airport on one the Mexican side of the border, its parking on U.S. side.

Tijuana Airport is the gateway (not forgetting to mention a more affordable option to travel) to Mexico from the U.S , yet is not an easy trip to undertake. Many U.S. travelers are willing to cross the border and take cab to save significant amount of dollars in flight tickets. Despite of multiple plans of expansion for San Diego Airport, not one has come to fruition making a privately funded pedestrian bridge to link the airport with the U.S. a  more feasible and implementable solution in the short term.

This transborder airport-parking plan is not new though; it was envisioned 20 years ago. It has taken 20 years to find the funding sources, to figure out the operating mechanisms and to understand the potential of different solutions to address border economic dynamics.

Read complete article: Tijuana Airport Parking, Just Over the Border

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