The BLW is a multidisciplinary and collaborative network focused in the context of the Mexican-American border. Designers, architects, artists, activists, and everyone who has interest in this arena has an open invitation to join this collaborative effort and address CRITICALLY the border condition by THINKING, but most important, by DOING any related research or project driven by the main question:

How can design contribute to a new border condition of the 21st century?


Therefore the mission of this network is:

1.0_To connect all designers, artists and researchers working physically or remotely in any of the topics of the border

2.0_To collect and exchange ideas, work, research, practices and projects –both by design private practices and academic institutions. The body of knowledge assembled will embrace any work been developed in any of the following topics:

Art + Social Activism

Architecture + Design

Urbanism + Regional Networks

All this information will be part of an open source platform to continuously contribute to the archive of creative work within the border condition.

3.0_To create the platform of knowledge for new collaborations and research driven by a critical and speculative approach

4.0_To communicate this knowledge and ideas to inhabitants of this area, political actors, urban developers and every decision-maker involved in the construction and daily dynamic of this territory through any media possible.

Every of these components offer the possibility of developing projects: research, competitions, events, publications, films, and installations. As a whole, the main purpose is to generate a body of collaborative work that reflects, rethinks and challenges the border condition, as we know it today.


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